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Packing Tips

Always Put Together a Packing List

The first thing on your checklist for moving should be to put together a packing list. Not only will this allow you to have a good idea as to what you are taking with you, but it will also allow you to sort out the things that you may want to give away, donate, throw away, or sell before your move, too. By purging what you have, you can lower your costs and possibly even make your moving checklist a lot easier to complete by the time you have to head out the door!

Have a Checklist for Moving Ready to Go

Speaking of your checklist for moving, you want to be sure that you have a lot of things on it. These can include cleaning your current space, being certain that you call and cancel utilities, changing addresses for your mail deliveries, getting everything organized for the movers to arrive, putting together a schedule for your transportation, and more. Take a look at what needs to get done and write up a moving checklist that meets your specific needs so that you are organized and ready to go when moving day comes around.

Go Through Your Moving Checklist at Your Pace

If you have time between now and when you have to move, take your time and go through the moving checklist at your own pace. If you go through that list too quickly, you may forget something important (like packing materials) or you may stress yourself out about the move even more. Take your time and be sure to get through every piece of the puzzle. Then, when you close the door and start the trip, you will be refreshed and ready to take the time so that you can actually enjoy and embrace your moving adventure.

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