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Moving Tips

1. When packing, instead of wrapping things in paper (which you may have needed to buy) ask around for old newspapers to wrap precious items or even better use your linen to wrap up your breakables. That way you’ve packed your valuables safely and your linen also.

2. To save time label every box/bag with what it contains and what room it should be placed in because it is less work for you later.

3. Pack linens, Pillows, clothes, and any other soft items in boxes NOT IN BAGS….. Bags tend to rip, and can not be stacked in a truck safely.

4. Measure your new home and know the dimensions of all doors & hallways….AND the dimensions of your furniture. There is nothing worse than getting your favorite couch to your new house and it won’t fit in the door.

5. The first thing to do in your new home is to assemble your beds and place on clean linens. You’ll be tired by bedtime and everything ready for you to go to sleep.

6. Be critical when packing. This is a great time to clean out your house. Everything you do not want anymore can be used for a garage sale or taken to charity.

7. Last boxes to be loaded are things you’ll need immediately – toilet paper, soap, paper plates, cups, drinks, garbage bags, vacuum, etc.

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Unknown member
Jul 04, 2023

Very professional and knowledgeable, they packed everything incredibly fast and with the most care.

The best movers I ever seen. Great Job.

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